About me

Some say a book could be written about who I am and what I do. Cats appeared on the list of my top life interests a few years ago. It was a coincidence that started my adventure with cats.

After catching cats to have them sterilized, finding adopting homes for homeless animals, watching vets taking care of cats and observing volunteers in different foundations helping homeless animals I think I found my niche and decided to focus on cats’ psyche which is very complicated and still unexplored. With my writing I would like to get to wider audience and through changing the way people think about certain issues make some cats’ lives easier.

I believe that confronting average cat owners who think they know everything about their pet but in reality know very little, is a key to success in fighting animal homelessness, diseases and other problems that affect houses where cats live. I know this because I used to be an owner of Mlaszczak, my first cat, who I found in the garbage and who would have trashed my apartment in my absence if I hadn’t closed doors to all the rooms before stepping outside. Then I wasn’t wondering why he was behaving this way and how could I stop it – I just hid everything and closed all the doors because I loved my little furry weirdo more than life.

So the key is to get to the people who are not looking for the answers, who are letting cats reproduce freely because they do not think it is the reason for their homelessness and those who never play with their cat because they are too lazy to but who in consequence have their furniture destroyed.

Let’s change the way cats are perceived in society and let’s help people understand cats’ needs better.

I am a photographer and owner of Miciula and Dixi – together we have come a long way and overcome many issues such as fear, aggression, peeing outside of litter box and getting my almost dying cats to the vet at midnight. They taught me that cats can be our best friends we just need to learn to communicate with them. As an animal foundation volunteer I gave up for adoption many different cats – young, old, fearful, aggressive and sick. Issues I write about come from my experience and soon I hope to get formal veterinarian and animal behaviorist education.

I welcome your feedback to my posts even if you do not agree with me – confronting different points of view is the key to success.

Let’s help together!