Grain-free cat food

Karma bezzbożowa dla kota

Grain-free cat food Animal food market is quite a mystery, full of loopholes and inaccuracies. There is a vast array of cat foods available; however, choosing the right one without digging into the ingredients list is very difficult. Animal food producers often use catchwords that are supposed to increase the value of their products and […]

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How to play with a cat?

najlepsze zabawy dla kota

How to play with a cat? This is an activity which should be a component of the cat’s daily routine but is often forgotten by us, cat owners,. Playing with the cat as well as proper nutrition are very important elements on which we should focus, if we have a cat. The right game satisfies […]

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Cat doesn’t use litter box

kot załatwia się poza kuwetą

Cat doesn’t use litter box Is this cat using a litter box? This is the basic question that every person who wants to adopt a cat from me asks me. The answer is always the same – here and now yes, but I cannot guarantee that it will be the same in the future. Each […]

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Feeding cats – how to read labels


Feeding cats Feeding cats, kinds of cat foods and their ingredients, balanced diets and similar matters are often pondered by us, the animals’ owners. In this article I will focus on two aspects of feeding cats. Firstly I will explain why we should pay attention to the quality of the store-bought food and secondly I […]

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