A wild cat? How to tame your cat part 1

Jak oswoić kota. Znalazłeś/ aś kota na polu i chcesz go oswoić. Dziki kot - czy da się oswoić. Jak obchodzić się z dzikim kotem

Very often I encounter sick and frightened cats. I can safely say that in my volunteering experience I almost never meet animals without behavioral issues. After each “case” I think I have seen it all but pretty much every new case proves me wrong. The issues repeat very often but their causes and solutions are […]

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When cat urinates all over the apartment

Kot obsikuje mieszkanie, kot sika poza kuwetą. Kot obsikuje dywan i łóżko

Recently many people have turned to me because their beloved cat started suddenly peeing everywhere in the apartment except in the litter box. The previous sentence includes two erroneous phrases: “started suddenly peeing” and “everywhere in the apartment except in the litter box”. Let me explain. Cats do not just suddenly start peeing around. In […]

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