Cat duo pack or two cats in the house

Dlaczego warto mieć dwa koty w domu zamiast jednego?

Cat duo pack is the best solution not only for cats but also for new cat keepers. If you are thinking of adopting a cat consider taking two. Are you afraid two is too many? Read on and I will dispel all your doubts. In the below post I will not be appealing to your feelings or using mawkish warding to move you and make you cry. I think the facts are strong enough to speak for themselves and convince you to adopt a cat duo pack.
Expenses are the most important factor impacting your decision. If we add up all expenses, keeping two cats is not much more expensive than keeping only one. Here are the figures:
According to different sources, there are different amounts of food cat should eat daily so let’s just say a cat eats daily 50 grams of dry food and 50 grams of wet (canned) food. We want a well balanced food (which one exactly I will write in the next article) and for one cat we will buy it in small amounts but if we have two cats we can buy more cutting the unit cost.
Dry food: 400 grams costs about 32 PLN per kilo but you can get a 7.5 kg pack for about 20 PLN per kilo.
Same is true for wet (canned) food – one packet costs about 50 PLN per kilo and will suffice for two days
1 can costs about 30 PLN per kilo
So daily for a packet we pay about 2.5 PLN for a cat and for a can we pay 3 PLN daily for two cats
So to feed one cat we spend about 4.1 PLN daily and to feed two cats 5 PLN – the difference is really small.
Cat duo pack or two cats in the house
You might ask why can’t I buy more food and use it for just one cat over a longer period of time? Well, you can but considering that your cat eats 50 grams of dry food a day he will eat the 7.5 kilo pack for 150 days. This is a very long time to eat the same food every day and your cat might get bored with it. Also dry food even if stored well undergoes oxidation and looses taste. As a result your cat might simply stop eating the tasteless food and you will have to buy something new and donate the old one to a shelter. An open packet of wet food can only sit in the fridge for 2 days so you have to buy small portions of it but if you have two cats you can switch to buying cans which have more food and cost less. Truth be told very rarely would an owner of a single cat buy big amounts of food. The usual practice is to get few small packets in the store next door.
Unwanted behaviors – if you think cats are loners you are wrong! Cats love to play, jump and run. If they have no cat company they will entertain themselves by biting and scratching your legs, curtains and furniture. We don’t always have time to play with them but they need it. If we make sure our cat has company we will most likely sleep through the night without any issues. As we all know cats are active at night – when we are asleep – so if they want to play but we are sleeping they will try to wake us up or attract our attention somehow for example by jumping on the bedroom door at 4 am…they will not do it if they have another cat to play with.
– In-house entertainment for us – there is nothing more entertaining than watching your cats race one another, playing tricks on each other and scaring one another. It only happens if you have two cats.
Happiness and companionship ensure better development and fewer diseases in animals. Cats feel safer and they experience less stress when you need to move, transport them or when you have guests in the house because they share their fear.
Space or lack of it is another common argument raised against adopting two cats. We need to remember that cats are “arboreal” animals. They do not function only on the square footage that we do. They love windowsills, cabinets and shelves … our 40 meter square apartment might be 70 square meters of play ground.
The above are few of the many reasons why we should adopt a cat duo pack.
Fun fact: there are organizations that will let you adopt only cat duo packs and one cat is only allowed if you already have one.

Cat duo pack or two cats in the house
There are different situations in life and I must admit that on few occasions I let two cat companions be separated and adopted by different people. Such separation is very stressful for cats and leads to the lowered immunity and even death. 

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