Grain-free cat food

Karma bezzbożowa dla kota

Grain-free cat food Animal food market is quite a mystery, full of loopholes and inaccuracies. There is a vast array of cat foods available; however, choosing the right one without digging into the ingredients list is very difficult. Animal food producers often use catchwords that are supposed to increase the value of their products and […]

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How to play with a cat?

najlepsze zabawy dla kota

How to play with a cat? This is an activity which should be a component of the cat’s daily routine but is often forgotten by us, cat owners,. Playing with the cat as well as proper nutrition are very important elements on which we should focus, if we have a cat. The right game satisfies […]

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Layette for a cat – 9 most important items

kocia wyprawka

This post will be about “layette” for a cat. Layette for a newborn is something all future parents think and worry about. We, future pet owners, should also spend some time planning it, as well-thought purchases will help us avoid many problems in the future. If you are planning to get a new furry friend […]

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Feeding cats – what your cats shouldn’t eat

czym karmić kota

How to feed cats you can read in my previous post “Feeding cats – when and how”. Here I will focus on ingredients that cats shouldn’t eat. I will try to explain why cats shouldn’t eat leftovers from our meals and shouldn’t drink milk. What can obstruct cats’ regular development? How to properly feed cats […]

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Cat’s hearing and a collar with a bell

Hearing is the sense cat is most dependent on. Cat’s hearing is sensitive and infallible; cats do not like high tones which annoy them or even hurt them. Why do we put collars with bells on cats then? Do you know that the built of cat’s ear, just like in people, lets cats differentiate tones […]

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A house for homeless cats – do it yourself

With the summer heat already gone, winter is approaching and it is the season that is especially difficult for the homeless cats. Truth be told, Polish winters are not as severe as they used to be but temperatures approaching freezing point are not comfortable conditions to sleep outside even if one has a nice fur […]

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