Cat’s hearing and a collar with a bell

Hearing is the sense cat is most dependent on. Cat’s hearing is sensitive and infallible; cats do not like high tones which annoy them or even hurt them. Why do we put collars with bells on cats then?
Do you know that the built of cat’s ear, just like in people, lets cats differentiate tones of sound quality thanks to which they can determine the exact location of their victim? Cat’s skull has two big hearing chambers that make hearing tones of specific frequencies like for example high tones produced by little rodents possible. Human sensitivity to high frequency sounds is well below cat’s or dog’s. Cat hears tones two octaves higher than the highest tone audible for humans. This is the reason why cats show irritability or simply run away when they hear a child crying or an adult shrieking as tones too high irritate the sensitive organ. So before you buy a collar with a bell think twice because the sound of the bell is very unpleasant for the cat and might lead to unwanted behavioral changes. You have to decide if it is more important for your cat to look good or to live better.

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