Feeding cats – how to read labels


Feeding cats Feeding cats, kinds of cat foods and their ingredients, balanced diets and similar matters are often pondered by us, the animals’ owners. In this article I will focus on two aspects of feeding cats. Firstly I will explain why we should pay attention to the quality of the store-bought food and secondly I […]

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A wild cat? How to tame your cat part 1

Jak oswoić kota. Znalazłeś/ aś kota na polu i chcesz go oswoić. Dziki kot - czy da się oswoić. Jak obchodzić się z dzikim kotem

Very often I encounter sick and frightened cats. I can safely say that in my volunteering experience I almost never meet animals without behavioral issues. After each “case” I think I have seen it all but pretty much every new case proves me wrong. The issues repeat very often but their causes and solutions are […]

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Toxoplasmosis – to be afraid or not to be

Jak nie zarazić się toksoplazmozą

The issue of toxoplasmosis has been close to my heart recently so I decided to look into it and check if it is indeed as serious as often presented. Let’s start with the facts: toxoplasmosis is caused by parasitic protozoan Toxoplasma gondii. This disease is dangerous for women because of its consequences if undergone during […]

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Cat’s hearing and a collar with a bell

Hearing is the sense cat is most dependent on. Cat’s hearing is sensitive and infallible; cats do not like high tones which annoy them or even hurt them. Why do we put collars with bells on cats then? Do you know that the built of cat’s ear, just like in people, lets cats differentiate tones […]

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